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David Brogan Horticultural Services is a sole proprietorship which specializes in tree and shrub care. Whether the task is maintaining plant health and vigor or diagnosing problems with struggling plants, I strive to find the most effective solutions that are environmentally friendly. I use the finest organic fertilizers made, and the safest products on the market, specializing in the use of beneficial microorganisms. I know the insects and diseases that affect plants in our area and the cultural conditions these plants need in order to thrive. Please call or email for a free consultation.

Second Nature Environmental Land Design and Complete Land Services is a design, build and maintain that is passionately focused on developing innovative approaches to shaping the land and maintaining the land in a responsible manner. We believe that site appropriate materials emphasizing native plants and a strong regard for ecology can lead to the creation of extraordinary and sustainable spaces. I am committed to design that is born from each individual site and sculpts the land into an artful form.


Emphasis is placed on the harmony of the land as is manifested in the practice of Feng Shui or wind and water. Attention is given to fine detail and the subliminal messages one receives while walking through each space.

Spaces are maintained in such a manner so as to be safe for all species.

Strong design features unite structures to the living Earth. The focus of the ordering is the elegant simplicity found in natural elemental relationships. This is done through a minimalist aesthetic.

Gertrude Jekyll once stated that plants are a "box of paints" and we are to "use the plants that they shall form beautiful pictures."

Taking into consideration the best that each season has to offer, I choose plant material based on ability to thrive in our environment while needing a minimum of maintenance.



-- Monarch on Seaside Goldenrod in the Fall

-- Landscape Roses for the Spring and Summer

-- Grasses look good into Winter

-- Hydrangeas perform all Summer

-- Trees such as Black Locust above right and

crab apple to the left bloom and  interest.

-- Many annuals attract butterflies such as this

Peck's Skipper which flies from May to Sept.


-- Fruit trees provide interest but 

require some maintenance.   

Ecological Landscape Design and Restoration Design Services, balancing human needs with ecological design principals.

-- Creating natural beauty by emulating random layering patterns as seen in wild vistas.

-- Master Gardner, over thirty years experience in most aspects of design, and land care.

-- Environmentally sensitive organic fertilization promoting the vigorous health of plants and lawn areas. Active growth inhibits the growth of disease while low nitrogen prevents excessive growth.


-- Building outdoor rooms by utilizing and enhancing existing aspects of your property.

Employing ethical gardening practices that emphasize the soil, I strive to build a garden from well below the surface. 


Located at:

15 Trina's Path

Plymouth, MA 02360

and Location in Falmouth, MA 02540



All photographs, except the house on the of David Brogan and Second Nature.

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