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Pest Insect Treatments

Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, spiders etc.

We carry a range of products to suit a variety of budgets and needs. 


Our Pets are precious to us

Keeping our pets save is important to us. So we offer several options in organic non-toxic tick control.

Damminex Tick Tubes

These small tubes contain insecticide on cotton balls that White Footed Mice use to build their nests. Since it is the Deer Ticks on mice that spread Lyme Disease, the cycle is broken. Tick Tubes reduces the risk of exposure to an infected tick by up to 97% on a treated property. This product was developed at The Harvard School of Public Health. Since only the mice come in contact with the low toxicity insecticide, this product poses no threat to the environment, pets or people. These tubs work only on Deer Ticks. They are not effective on Dog Ticks.

Cedar Oil Spray of outside areas.

Completely non toxic. Controls Fleas and Ticks. Cedar Oil It is EPA EXEMPT from federal registration (25b product) 85% cedar oil 15% ethyl lactate. It poses no harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, water ways, soil, farms, crops, expecting mothers, infants and children. This product is effective against most insect pests.

Tempo SC Ultra Spray of outside areas

Ultra low toxicity spray product approved for use indoors. This is a lower cost alternative to the Cedar Oil. However it cannot be used on flowers because of the possibility of harming bees. This product controls all pest insects including Ticks, Fleas, mosquitoes, ants, spiders etc.

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